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Any questions concerning deed restriction and permits should be directed to one of the plans inspectors –
The Dearborn Hills Civic Association was founded in 1926 following the development of the neighborhood we now know as Dearborn Hills. The Association's purpose was to bring neighbors together and to ensure that the neighborhood kept the charm and appearance intended by those who first developed the area. One of the ways that they decided to keep the integrity of the neighborhood was to create Deed Restrictions. These Deed Restrictions are attached to your deed, and are intended to guide the homeowner with clear descriptions of what every neighbor, within the prescribed boundaries of Dearborn Hills can and cannot do to their home and property. Since they are attached to the actual Deed, they are enforceable by the Neighborhood Association and the City of Dearborn.

Construction requirements contained within the Deed Restrictions, including those addressing items such as garages, sheds and fences, have kept our neighborhood the beautiful and wonderful place to live that it has been for so long.  These deed restrictions are so important and integral to living in Dearborn Hills that our residents voted in 1999 to keep the existing restrictions in place.

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