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From the DHCA Board
Posted on Aug 13th, 2020

After reading a recent social media post telling of some very unkind conduct in our area, we would like to make a very clear statement about our values as a neighborhood. 
We’re a place where we love and respect our neighbors. We treat others as we’d like to be treated.  While we are seeing places all over the country where people are divided on issues of race, politics and many other issues, Dearborn, and especially Dearborn Hills, has always been an oasis. Our home should be a safe place away from all that conflict. When someone gets hate mail, it intrudes on that tranquility.
We’re extremely saddened someone sent hate mail to someone in our neighborhood. Although we have no way of knowing who sent the mail or where they live, anonymous messages like this are always an act of cowardice.
We, the DHCA Board, strongly feel the best way to fight hate is with love and respect. So, we want to make it clear: this is a neighborhood that has a love of life AND RESPECT FOR OUR NEIGHBORS.
From our diverse residents, to the beautiful homes of timeless charm, to our park-like atmosphere, Dearborn Hills is a place that encourages an active and happy lifestyle. Let’s use this opportunity to re-assert our values as neighbors and to display the love and kindness that makes Dearborn Hills such a special place to be.
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