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Annual Membership Notice
Posted on Feb 20th, 2021

Now that the holidays are behind us, the Dearborn Hills Civic Association asks you to please consider renewing your Membership now for 2021.  If you have not been a member before, we ask you to please join.  ( If you have already renewed, Thank You ! )  
Annual Dues are only $25 per year and can be paid by clicking the following link to our website:, or by mailing a check to Dearborn Hills Civic Association / P.O. Box 2535 / Dearborn, MI 48123.
Even with the pandemic, this past year was very busy AND very productive.  From CSO road construction, saving and re-planting trees, working with various City of Dearborn Departments (Council, Legal, DPW, Police, Zoning Appeals, Planning, etc.), communicating with Real Estate and Title Insurance people on the Buying and Selling of homes in our neighborhood, providing advice and reviewing plans for home building and remodeling, and defending and upholding our Deed Restrictions, among other things; your Association is actively engaged in advocating for our neighbors and our neighborhood.
Your Membership Dues pay for essentials like :  Annual Meeting Space, P.O. Box, Webpage, Welcome Packets for New Residents, Newsletters and Communication Supplies.  We sincerely thank all residents for all additional monies donated for Island Flowers and Neighborhood Preservation.  All these monies help keep the DHCA moving forward and to maintain the charm and harmony of our beautiful Dearborn Hills neighborhood.  
This coming year promises to be active as well. 
The FINAL year of CSO road construction in our neighborhood is about to begin.  As we have in the past, we will do our best to provide up to date information on progress and to be a contact when neighbors have questions or issues.
We have quite a bit of work to do re-planting and landscaping most of our traffic islands as well. 
We will be distributing communications to every residence soon; informing everyone once again about our Deed Restrictions and how to find out more about them. 
Incidentally, we were recently awarded a favorable decision in court - after a lengthy legal case - involving an investor that refused to work with us and within your Deed Restrictions.   This property owner must now complete their project in a manner that is compatible and in harmony with the rest of the neighborhood.
Your donations help us to stay on top of ALL these activities and many more.  Your support helps your Civic Association to work hard to maintain our neighborhood charm and desirability.  In the long run, this enhances our quality of life and improves the value of all our properties.
Please click the link above and join Today !    The Property Value you raise will be YOURS !
Your Dearborn Hills Board
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