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Block Parties


1.  Pick a Date
2.  Contact : Debbie at the City of Dearborn 313-943-2075, this involves an application, permit & fee, and Barricade pick-up and deposit.  If it has been over 5 years since your block hosted a party, you might also need a petition.
3.  If there are a lot of kids on your block, you may wish to arrange some age-specific activities: bounce houses, corn hole games, perhaps even Pokemon.
4.  Type up a simple one page announcement/invitation.  The invitation can be as creative as you are, but include the date, who to contact to RSVP, where on the block the party will be based, what to bring to eat and pass, (maybe your favorite dish), what activities are planned and what time the event will start and end, etc…..
5.  Deliver one to each home on the block.  If you deliver them far enough in advance, you can welcome input from your neighbors....
6.  Let the Dearborn Hills Civic Association know of your event (send an email to our website =  You can also request that your Block Party be posted.
7.  Aside from the food, drinks, games and such, a few other things are always helpful:  
Sticky Name tags, Sign in Sheet, Tables & Chairs, Lights are useful especially if you are dancing in the street all night…., Music, TV, Kids Movies, First Aid Kit, and Electrical power/cords.

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