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Welcome to Dearborn Hills, a neighborhood of  unique homes located in Dearborn, Michigan. 
The Dearborn Hills Civic Association (DHCA), founded in 1926, is comprised of 1260 households and is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in America.   DHCA coordinates a number of neighborhood activities for residents throughout the year, helps maintain the character of our neighborhood through oversight of our deed restrictions, and represents residents at City of Dearborn meetings. 
~ Neighborhood News ~
City Removing Trees!
Posted on Apr 21st, 2020
City Removing Trees! (April 2020)
Your Dearborn Hills Civic Association (DHCA) is working again to save our trees!  But we need your support! 
Please renew your membership today (at and consider a monetary contribution to help our neighborhood preservation efforts! 
“The City or a Tree Service Company tells me the tree in front of my house must be taken down.
I like the tree and want it to stay.   What can I do?”
As many of you have noticed recently, there have been several trees removed in our Hills neighborhood.  A couple years ago, the DHCA negotiated an agreement with the City that established a process that we would all follow to determine if, and when, a tree should be removed.
(This process refers to trees located between the Sidewalk and the curb (City owned property), not any other trees located on your property.)
Here is that process:
1.       No City owned tree will be removed prior to consulting with the applicable Dearborn Neighborhood Association (DNA) and the property owner the tree is located on.
2.       City Trees deemed by the City Arborist should be removed due to age, disease, structural stability, construction activity or is dead, will be discussed with the DNA and the property owner prior to removal.
3.       If the tree is not dead, the DNA and/or the property may request the tree remain. If the City agrees with the request the tree will remain. If the City disagrees with the request and deems the tree be removed, within 10 days the DNA and/or owner can appeal the decision to the Director of Public Works. The Director of Public works will provide a response within 10 days.
4.       City trees deemed to be removed for the reasons stated above, and if the owner concurs, the tree will be removed.
5.       No healthy City trees will be removed unless the City Arborist deems proposed construction activity requires the removal.
Unfortunately, this process has NOT been followed by the City in several cases recently.  While some of the trees recently removed were previously discussed with us, several were not.  As a result, we have un-necessarily lost several, large mature trees. Once they are gone, we cannot get them back.
We have spoken to the City Director of Public Works about this issue and have been assured that they will follow the process going forward, but this is now the second time we’ve had this issue.
As a result, in order to ensure that the process is followed, the DHCA needs your help. 
If the City or some tree service approaches you or a neighbor about potentially removing a tree, please let us know right away – before anything is done.  You can reach us via email at  
While you may or may not want to have the tree removed, please reach out to us anyway.  We need to make sure the City is following the process they agreed to.
Trees clean the air we breathe, provide shade and habitat, and beautify our neighborhood.  Thanks for your diligence and cooperation in helping to preserve as many trees as possible!
SAVE THE DATE -- Dearborn Hills Garage Sale!
Posted on Jan 28th, 2020
Stay tuned to this web page for details about the upcoming Dearborn Hills Garage Sale.  We will be scheduling it in June 2020. 
Dearborn Hills on Facebook
Posted on Oct 16th, 2017
Follow Dearborn Hills on Facebook!  Don't miss any of the neighborhood events or announcement.  Tell your neighbors, too.

~ Dearborn Hills Association Membership ~
Join or renew your DHCA membership:
  • $25.00 / calendar year -- for ALL members
Payment options:
  • Pay by check.  Fill out the Membership Form and mail to:
    • Dearborn Hills Civic Association
      P.O. Box 2535
      Dearborn, MI 48123
  • Pay by credit card (via PayPal)
You can check your membership status by logging into your account, or contacting the webmaster
Member Profile Security:  You can update your own member profile information, and choose what information is available for other DHCA members to view.  All members can apply for an account on our website and all active profiles will be displayed in the website Neighbor Directory (this is the way the website works).  In order to maintain the security of your information, the Neighbor Directory  is viewable only by DHCA members residing in Dearborn Hills. 

~ Forgot Your Password? ~
Select Login on the top left, then Forgot Password; follow the instructions. 
If you have a website account, you will be sent an email with your login information via an automated process.

~ Member Website Features ~

The member options for this website are listed at the left; these features are accessible by DHCA members only.  The DHCA Board hopes that neighbors will enjoy using these features to post information and connect with neighbors. 

Classified:  advertise goods and services
Find a Sitter: children, plants, pets, etc. 
Message Board:  a few topics have been started as suggestions; all topics are welcome.
All submitted content will be reviewed by a site administrator prior to posting.

~ Upcoming Neighborhood Events ~
No Events at this time.

~ City of Dearborn ~
City of Dearborn                       Dearborn calendar
Important information:

~ Neighborhood Photos ~
We encourage our Dearborn Hills residents to send us neighborhood photos and stories dealing with OUR American support of beating a virus affecting all ages.  Or post them to the Dearborn Hills Neighborhood Facebook page

A sure sign of spring.  This photo was taken in the midst of our road construction on the Rockford Flower Island.
Send your neighborhood photos to and we will add them to our web site! 

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~ Neighborhood Sponsors ~

~ Join our Community ~
All residents of Dearborn Hills are encouraged to create an account on this website so you will receive email communications concerning neighborhood events and other topics.  Click the registration link at the left.

~ Update on Criminal Activity in our Neighborhood ~
Thank You to all Concerned and Involved Residents - you again have made a Big, Positive Difference!
As some of you are already aware, since this past fall, our neighborhood has experienced a noticeable increase in cars being broken into and items from them being stolen.  In some cases, wheels from vehicles, and in some cases, entire vehicles, have been stolen.
After hearing from many affected residents (who spoke up) about these on-going issues, your Board reached out directly to Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad to discuss this situation and see what could be done.
We are happy to report that Chief Haddad was very receptive and responsive to our concerns.  Working with his staff, he implemented an aggressive initiative in November and December in our neighborhood that involved around the clock deployment of plainclothes and uniform patrols; additional traffic units being deployed on overtime; and door to door delivery in some areas of Crime Prevention materials to promote greater awareness of the City's "Lock it or Lose it - If you See Something, Say Something!" campaign.
As a result of this significantly increased activity, as well as several other contributing factors, Chief Haddad reports that Dearborn Police were able to arrest several individuals who were responsible for many of the crimes in our neighborhood.  
Chief Haddad is happy to report:
-    that there were NO reported larcenies from autos in the month of December in our area
-    that criminal activity in December in our area was 31.3% less than the same period last year.
-    The City of Dearborn will post an overall 14% reduction in crime in 2017.
Please join us in thanking Chief Haddad and our Dearborn Police Department for their on-going efforts.
All this is Good News, but we need to continue to be vigilant.
We live in a nice neighborhood and there will always be somebody looking to take something of value.  So, what should we ALL do?
It starts with the "Lock it or Lose it - If you See Something, Say Something!" campaign.  (See this link for more information: 2017 “Lock It or Lose It” campaign aims to decrease ... - City of Dearborn)
Five Simple Steps
1.    Lock your Car, your Home and your Garage
over 75% of larcenies from cars occur when the cars are un-locked
2.    Keep valuables out of your car (or at least out of sight)
3.    Park Cars in your driveway when possible.
4.    Keep outdoor lights on (porches, driveways, garages, etc.)
5.    If you See Something, Say Something.
If you notice something or someone that seems out of place or unfamiliar, call the Police at 313-943-3030 to report it.  Do not assume its nothing.  Do not Assume that someone else will call.  We urge everyone to report ANY suspicious activity.
The DHCA Board wants to thank everyone of you that spoke up, that raised a flag and made all of us aware of this situation.  Without that kind of involvement, progress - on any front - will always be much slower.
So let’s keep up the good work!  Let’s all Lock it!  Let’s all Speak up!
…and make our Dearborn Hills neighborhood better for everyone!

None listed at this time.

Important Dearborn Phone Numbers
Suspicious Activity...... 943-3030
Speeding..................... 943-2201/2019 
Provide direction of travel and car color/type/make
Neighborhood Services 943-2161
Residential Services      943-2150


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