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Welcome to Dearborn Hills, a neighborhood of  unique homes located in Dearborn, Michigan. 
The Dearborn Hills Civic Association (DHCA), founded in 1926, is comprised of 1260 households and is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in America.   DHCA coordinates a number of neighborhood activities for residents throughout the year, helps maintain the character of our neighborhood through oversight of our deed restrictions, and represents residents at City of Dearborn meetings. 
~ Dearborn Hills Spring Meeting Recap ~
Dearborn Police Host Dearborn Hills Civic Association (DHCA) Spring Meeting
On April 24th, your Dearborn Police Department generously hosted our Spring Meeting at Police Headquarters, in the Training Room.
Lt. Donald Armstrong, Commander Ron Beggs, Officer Patty Burns and a host of your Police Explorer Cadets were on hand to welcome approximately 50-75 DHCA residents.
Lt. Armstrong and Commander Beggs, speaking on behalf of Police Chief Ronald Haddad (who was called away at the last minute), each gave very informative presentations and answered a host of questions for the audience.
Among the topics covered were Crime Statistics in the City and our Neighborhood (Beat #5 by the way), Traffic Issues in the city and in our neighborhood, the City’s Tree Removal Ordinance and the proper Procedure, the nationwide issue of Drugs (specifically Opioid-Addictions) and Overdoses, and the progress of the new, State of the Art, 911-Dispatch Center being built now.
Regarding our City Tree Ordinance, Article 24/Section12, we were asked when we see trees with a trunk diameter greater than 16” being cut down, call the Dispatch Center at 313-943-3030 to request an Officer immediately be sent to check if a Permit has been issued to the firm doing the work.  We need to request it as a “Crime in Progress”, and copy down the name of the tree cutting company, or take a phone picture.
The discussion on each of these topics was informative, interactive and very helpful.  It is reassuring to know that we have such fine professionals such as these leading our Police Force.
After the presentations, the Police Cadets gave small groups of folks in the audience guided tours of the Dearborn Police Headquarters facility.  Our residents viewed the 2-ton, Armored Bomb Truck, the current Dispatch Center, the Chief’s personal Police Cruiser and some of the latest night-vision technology to help locate suspects.
The Dearborn Police Explorer program is also something we learned a little about.  There were some 10-12 Explorers in attendance.  It is heartwarming to see this impressive group of young men and women volunteering and working hard to, one day, pursue careers as full-fledged Police Officers.  These young people represent some of our future first-responders – and it appears that we are going to be in very good hands!
Overall, the message from your Police Department was loud and clear – “See Something, Say Something”.  “Say Something” by calling the Dispatch Center at 313-943-3030 and ask for Officer Assistance. You do not need to leave a name or answer any Personal Questions.
The next time you have an opportunity, be sure to thank members of our Police Department and all First Responders for the difficult and often, Dangerous work that they do, and for their support of our Hills neighborhood.

~ Dearborn Hills Association Membership ~
Join or renew your DHCA membership:
  • $15.00 / calendar year -- for ALL members
Payment options:
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    • Dearborn Hills Civic Association
      P.O. Box 2535
      Dearborn, MI 48123
  • Pay by credit card (via PayPal)
You can check your membership status by logging into your account, or contacting the webmaster
To register for access to this website;  Click the registration link at the left.  Your application will be reviewed by the DHCA board and you will be granted access once your dues for the current year have been received.  
Member Profile Security:  You can update your own member profile information, and choose what information is available for other DHCA members to view.  All members can apply for an account on our website and all active profiles will be displayed in the website Neighbor Directory (this is the way the website works).  In order to maintain the security of your information, the Neighbor Directory  is viewable only by DHCA members residing in Dearborn Hills. 

~ Neighborhood Photos ~
Submit your Dearborn Hills photos!
How is your garden growing?  Has your block had a recent block party?  Any other things going on in Dearborn Hills?
Send your neighborhood photos to and we will add them to our web site! 

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~ Member Website Features ~

The member options for this website are listed at the left; these features are accessible by DHCA members only.  The DHCA Board hopes that neighbors will enjoy using these features to post information and connect with neighbors. 

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Message Board:  a few topics have been started as suggestions; all topics are welcome.
All submitted content will be reviewed by a site administrator prior to posting.

~ Neighborhood News ~
SAVE OUR TREES!  Important Update!!!
Posted on Oct 20th, 2017 Comments (0)
The DHCA is pleased to update the Dearborn Hills Neighborhood with the latest results of your efforts to Save Our Trees.
Thanks to your support and overwhelming active response the City has dramatically changed course. 
(The original City bids specified the cutting of all trees in the area between sidewalk and street within 3 feet of the curb.  This would have affected 887 trees in the west Dearborn Hills Neighborhood alone!)
First, the Mayor has released a statement promising that no trees will be cut without the homeowner's agreement.  The statement is available at:
Second, the City has altered the CSO ("Combined Sewer Overflow) Project schedule to allow more time for the City to develop a plan to Save Our Trees.  The diagram included in the October 14, 2017 letter has been changed and the more complicated areas of Dearborn Hills will be completed in 2019 and later.  We will post the updated diagram on our webpage.
Third, the City is rebidding the construction project to account for the changes in the CSO schedule.  The original bids specified the cutting of all trees in the easement (area between sidewalk and street) within 3 feet of the curb.  The new bids will revise that specification.
Fourth, the City Engineers will meet with the DHCA within the next two weeks to assure that all reasonable efforts to preserve the trees are taken.  And we will continue to meet with the City Engineers to monitor this entire project moving forward.
While the Mayor's statement is unequivocal, the City Engineers' statement indicates several practical difficulties preserving some trees.  We need to continue to be vigilant, but we believe the City now recognizes the need to use their best efforts to preserve our trees.
Next steps:
Your Voices have been heard!  At this time, there is no longer a need to call City officials.
The DHCA has proposed a Resolution to Save our Trees for the City Council to consider.  This resolution was introduced to the Council at a meeting on 10/19 and was submitted to the City’s Legal Department for review. 
Though this resolution will not officially come before Council next Tuesday, the DHCA will be there to request the City Council adopt this Resolution.  
We would like to invite interested residents to join us at that meeting as a show of support
(City Council mtg. - Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017, 7:30 P.M. at the Dearborn Administrative Center, 16901 Michigan Avenue).  
As we meet with City Engineers we will provide additional details on the steps the City is taking to preserve our trees and neighborhood character. 
For now, there is no longer a need to call or email your City representatives.
They heard all of us.  And they heard us loud and clear!
Neighborhood Alert -- URGENT ACTION NEEDED!
Posted on Oct 18th, 2017 Comments (0)
The City intends to CUT DOWN EVERY TREE within 3 feet of the curb in our beautiful Dearborn Hills neighborhood (WEST OF TELEGRAPH) in preparation for the ongoing City CSO (Combined Sewage Overflow) sewer/street re-pavement project.  
The City has been doing this CSO Sewer Street reconstruction all over the City for several years, but THIS IS THE ONLY AREA THEY HAVE PLANNED TO CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES IN THE MEDIANS (within 3 ft. of curb)

Why just our Trees?  Why just now?  
We have learned that a public meeting tentatively planned for mid- to late-October was moved to after the election on November 16 at Bryant Middle School.  And then 2 weeks later the plans will be final and the process will move forward!  We think this issue should be discussed before the election.
We need your help now to save our trees.  Here's how you can help:
  1. Email us at and Provide us your feedback - this is important.
  2. Email us and let us know if you are able to help volunteer with efforts or to share ideas.
  3. Call the Mayor and tell him to save our trees!  DAILY!
    Mayor John O'Reilly    313-943-2300
  4. Call or email the City Council members.  The names and emails of the current members is available at:  
    a.    Susan A. Dabaja:    313-943-2403
    b.    Tom Tafelski:     313-943-2405
    c.    Michael Sareini:     313.943.2404
    d.    Brian O'Donnell:      313.943.2407
    e.    David Bazzy:      313.943.2402
    f.    Robert Abraham: 313.943.2408
    g.    Mark Shooshanian: 313.943.2406
  5. Tie a Green ribbon or a sign around your trees in the median.
  6. Print and post a "Save Our Trees" sign from our webpage.  (Coming soon).
We will be posting new information and initiatives regularly on this site, via email and Next Door.
Please be sure to let your neighbors know about this important issue, as not everyone is “on-line”.
Dearborn Hills Civic Association, Board of Directors
Dearborn Schools -- Boundary Change Meetings
Posted on Oct 17th, 2017 Comments (0)
Here is the schedule for Dearborn Schools' public forums concerning the potential boundary change options being considered (along with other solutions) to help address the overcrowding at Fordson and Dearborn High. Opportunity for community input will be given at these events. Please share with your neighbors:
The Boundary Blog / High School Boundary Proposal Forum --
Dearborn Hills on Facebook
Posted on Oct 16th, 2017 Comments (0)
Follow Dearborn Hills on Facebook!  Don't miss any of the neighborhood events or announcement.  Tell your neighbors, too.
DHCA Bylaws -- Revised
Posted on Oct 14th, 2017 Comments (0)
At the Annual Meeting of the Dearborn Hills Civic Association, held on October 3, 2017, the membership voted to approve the Bylaws revision.  
DTE Gas Line Work in Dearborn Hills
Posted on Sep 27th, 2017 Comments (0)
Attention Dearborn Hills residents:
We must apologize, but we were given some bad information that DTE would not be changing home gas meters in our neighborhood.  In seems they will need to get into nearly every home to move the gas lines in preparation for the giant CSO project. We want to remind you that residents have every right not to let the workers put the new outside meters in an unwelcome area ------ like the front of the house. They will try and tell you what is easier for them.
Mine was in the front of my basement. It's now going to the side of the house. We generally oppose meters in front as eyesores. Many of you no doubt feel the same way. Don't let them tell you it has to be they're way. The best place is on the side or rear. Generally near the furnace.
Marty Kaltenbach
Vice President, Assoc plans inspector
Dearborn Hills Civic Association
840 Meridan

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~ Neighborhood Sponsors ~
Real estate services by Allison Fishwick. 
Selling Dearborn homes one yard at a time for the past 25 years!  Successfully moving over 125 families every year!
Howard Hanna

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