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Welcome to Dearborn Hills, a neighborhood of  unique homes located in Dearborn, Michigan. 
The Dearborn Hills Civic Association (DHCA), founded in 1926, is comprised of 1260 households and is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in America.   DHCA coordinates a number of neighborhood activities for residents throughout the year, helps maintain the character of our neighborhood through oversight of our deed restrictions, and represents residents at City of Dearborn meetings. 
~ Neighborhood News ~
Outcome - City of Dearborn Residential Standards
Posted on Sep 26th, 2019
Residents of Dearborn Hills and Dearborn Hills Civic Association Members,
As promised, we wanted to provide you with an additional update regarding the City of Dearborn’s efforts to revise its Residential Standards. 
As our previous communications to you explained, the Dearborn Hills Civic Association opposed certain aspects of the original revisions.  (Scroll down for our previous communications)
Working with members of the City Legal Department, the City Planning Department and members of City Council, the DHCA proposed new language that would allow neighborhoods with Deed Restrictions the option of working with the City by only receiving notice of a permit being applied for, as well as notice of when a variance request is sent before the Zoning Board of Appeals, but would preclude the City from being involved in interpreting the neighborhood's deed restrictions.
We are pleased to report to you that our proposed language was adopted. Further, the City actually removed language regarding the City interpreting Deed Restrictions altogether.  The final document was presented for final reading at the City Council Meeting this past Tuesday, September 24th, and passed.
As a result of the new standards, deed-restricted neighborhoods will be notified by the City Planning Department whenever someone applies for permits to build a new home or extensively modify an existing home in their neighborhood.  Further, the neighborhood will also be informed whenever a given permit application is sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  These two simple types of notification are actually very beneficial to us in our efforts to manage and enforce our Deed Restrictions.  Most importantly, the City will not be involved in interpreting Deed Restrictions for ours or any other neighborhood in Dearborn.
Many of you have been instrumental in assisting our efforts to affect this positive outcome.  Whether it was sending emails, making phone calls or attending various meetings, all of your collective efforts have contributed greatly.
Once again, we wish to thank you all for your continued participation and support.
As always, please let us know your thoughts via email to: or drop us a note at PO Box 2535, Dearborn, MI 48126
DHCA Board of Directors
New Proposed City of Dearborn Residential Standards
Posted on Aug 19th, 2019
Date:  September 12, 2019
Subject:  Further Update on New Proposed City of Dearborn Residential Standards
As some of you are aware, the City of Dearborn has been engaged in revising its Residential Standards.  As our previous communication to you explained, the Dearborn Hills Civic Association opposed certain aspects of these revisions.  (See letter dated August 19 below)  We wanted to provide you with a further update.
At the time of our last communication, the City Council was to present the new, proposed residential standards for final reading at its City Council meeting on August 20th.  Based on our objections and numerous communications from many of you, the City decided to table the standards pending further review.
As our Association was apparently the only one to speak up and contest the portions of the new ordinances that deal with deed restricted neighborhoods, the Mayor had his legal team reach out to us directly.  Since that time, the DHCA has spoken to and met with members of the City Legal Department, the City Planning Department and members of City Council. 
At this point, new language is being drafted that would allow neighborhoods with Deed Restrictions the option of working with the City by receiving notice of a permit being applied for, but would not allow the City to be involved in interpreting the neighborhood's deed restrictions.
We hope to finalize the language for this option with the City soon and will keep you posted on any new developments.
Thank you all for your continued participation and support.
As always, please let us know your thoughts via email or drop us a note at PO Box 2535, Dearborn, MI 48126
DHCA Board of Directors
Date:  August 21, 2019
Subject: Update on City Council Meeting & New Residential Standards
Thanks to all of you raising your voices, the City Council did not vote on the proposed new residential standards at last night's City Council Meeting.  Instead, they sent it back for further review.
We will continue to seek the opportunity to have dialogue and provide input to the City on these new standards and will work to ensure that authority of our Deed Restrictions remain solely with you, the residents of the Dearborn Hills neighborhood.
The Board wishes to thank each of you that spoke up, called or wrote to Council, the Mayor etc. and those of you that took the time to attend last night's meeting.  Though it was somewhat anti-climatic since our two items did not end up being discussed or voted on, we believe the City and the Mayor made the right decision to take a step back and have further discussions and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of those.
Thanks again to all! 
DHCA Board of Directors
Date:  August 19, 2019
New Proposed City of Dearborn Residential Standards
As some of you may know, the City of Dearborn has been engaged in revising its Residential Standards.  This effort has been on-going for the past 1-2 years; first under the authority of the City Planning Department, the City Planning Commission, and most recently under consideration of the Dearborn City Council. 
The DHCA has been attentive to this activity and has attended virtually all of the open meetings regarding it.  The DHCA opposes certain portions of these new standards; especially, 1) the removal of all “Compatibility Standards” with regard to new Residential Construction or re-modeling, and 2) the City’s attempt to inject itself into the interpretation and Adjudication of Neighborhood Deed Restrictions.
Despite our (and others) concerns, the City is likely to give Final Approval to these new standards at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 20 at 7:00 PM.
Attached is a letter sent from the DHCA to the Mayor regarding our position on the new standards; particularly as it relates to neighborhoods with Deed Restrictions. (The letter includes an excerpt of the actual ordinance section relating to Deed Restrictions).
The DHCA cannot participate (even if we wanted to) with the City in this new process, because to do so would effectively cede authority over our Deed Restrictions to the City Planner and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  This would be a violation of the Rights of all Dearborn Hills Residents. 
The motivation of the City in seeking this authority is plain to see in our opinion.  The new ordinances remove all “compatibility” review.  With that language gone from City Ordinances, the only neighborhoods with any ability to review new construction from a compatibility standpoint are those that have Deed Restrictions covering compatibility (which ours do).
We hope that you will join us in opposition of these new standards.
As always, please let us know your thoughts via email
DHCA Board of Directors
2019 Storm Sewer Separation Project -- Construction News
Posted on Apr 9th, 2019
On November 19, 2018, City Officials met with Dearborn residents affected by the upcoming construction projects bounded by South Silvery Lane, Cherry Hill, Telegraph Road, and the Dearborn Hills golf course over the next several years.
The first of the construction projects in the area outlined in the meeting are set to begin in March 2019. View the minutes from that informational meeting here --
View the maps of the project, for both 2019 and 2020.  
UPDATE -- April 1, 2019
This update is for residents of the following streets:
• Meridan between Cherry Hill and Claremont
• Mohawk between Cherry Hill and Rockford
• Mohawk Place between Rockford and S. Denwood
• Emerson between Rockwood and S. Lafayette
• Berkley between Cherry Hill and Meridan
As many residents were informed during the public meeting on November 19, 2018, the City of Dearborn has scheduled a federally mandated sewer separation project in this neighborhood. This is a continuation of the sewer separation project completed in the Dearborn Hills neighborhood last year.
Pamar Enterprises, Inc., the contractor for this current project, will begin working in your neighborhood the week of April 8, 2019 (weather permitting).
All underground construction on your street will take approximately eight weeks to complete. Access to driveways and garages will be maintained during the project except approximately six hours during excavation and construction of the storm sewer in front of your driveway.

Following the storm sewer and water main construction, the contractor will pave the street with new eight-inch thick concrete pavement from curb to curb, keeping existing curbing in place. Any broken curbs will be replaced.

Because of deep excavation involved for the proposed sanitary sewers, entire sections of existing pavement on Meridan Street from Marshall to Claremont, including curbs, will be removed and replaced.
Parking on all streets will be restricted during paving operations but residents will be notified in advance of this stage of work. Grass between the curb and sidewalk will be restored with topsoil and sod.
All storm sewer and concrete paving is anticipated to be completed within fourteen to sixteen weeks, weather permitting.

Trash, Recycle Carts and Yard Waste Collection - Sanitation will be picked up by the sanitation contractor between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. City engineers encourage property owners to clearly label their carts with property address and to drop off their trash, recycle carts and yard waste at the curbside prior to 6 a.m. the day of collection or earlier overnight. City contractors may need to transport these carts to the nearest intersection. Once the carts have been emptied, the contractor will return them to the front of  homes.

It is planned to keep inconvenience to affected property owners to a minimum while contractors execute this important project. Any questions or issues regarding the construction may be directed to  Dylan Abbas, the City's on-site Construction Engineer Technician, at his cell (313) 801-8575, otherwise please call the City Engineer's office at 943-2145.
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Posted on Oct 16th, 2017
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~ More Neighborhood News ~
Dearborn Public Schools - BRICS Bond Vote on November 5, 2019
Dearborn Public Schools is asking voters to consider a bond proposal on the  November 5th, 2019 ballot. 
With existing bonds expiring, the District can generate approximately $240 million from the sale of new bonds without a change in the current millage rate of 4.82.  This bond would not increase the current tax rates for residents.
The District is calling the proposal BRICS because the funded projects focus on Buildings, Renovations, Infrastructure, Capacity and Safety.
The BRICS Bond proposal is the direct result of the Infrastructure Task Force, which spent just over three months developing a plan and then making a recommendation to the Board of Education that included a zero millage increase while still generating $240 million to address a variety of critically needed items and updates in our schools. 

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The start of newly paved streets west of Telegraph.
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~ Update on Criminal Activity in our Neighborhood ~
Thank You to all Concerned and Involved Residents - you again have made a Big, Positive Difference!
As some of you are already aware, since this past fall, our neighborhood has experienced a noticeable increase in cars being broken into and items from them being stolen.  In some cases, wheels from vehicles, and in some cases, entire vehicles, have been stolen.
After hearing from many affected residents (who spoke up) about these on-going issues, your Board reached out directly to Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad to discuss this situation and see what could be done.
We are happy to report that Chief Haddad was very receptive and responsive to our concerns.  Working with his staff, he implemented an aggressive initiative in November and December in our neighborhood that involved around the clock deployment of plainclothes and uniform patrols; additional traffic units being deployed on overtime; and door to door delivery in some areas of Crime Prevention materials to promote greater awareness of the City's "Lock it or Lose it - If you See Something, Say Something!" campaign.
As a result of this significantly increased activity, as well as several other contributing factors, Chief Haddad reports that Dearborn Police were able to arrest several individuals who were responsible for many of the crimes in our neighborhood.  
Chief Haddad is happy to report:
-    that there were NO reported larcenies from autos in the month of December in our area
-    that criminal activity in December in our area was 31.3% less than the same period last year.
-    The City of Dearborn will post an overall 14% reduction in crime in 2017.
Please join us in thanking Chief Haddad and our Dearborn Police Department for their on-going efforts.
All this is Good News, but we need to continue to be vigilant.
We live in a nice neighborhood and there will always be somebody looking to take something of value.  So, what should we ALL do?
It starts with the "Lock it or Lose it - If you See Something, Say Something!" campaign.  (See this link for more information: 2017 “Lock It or Lose It” campaign aims to decrease ... - City of Dearborn)
Five Simple Steps
1.    Lock your Car, your Home and your Garage
over 75% of larcenies from cars occur when the cars are un-locked
2.    Keep valuables out of your car (or at least out of sight)
3.    Park Cars in your driveway when possible.
4.    Keep outdoor lights on (porches, driveways, garages, etc.)
5.    If you See Something, Say Something.
If you notice something or someone that seems out of place or unfamiliar, call the Police at 313-943-3030 to report it.  Do not assume its nothing.  Do not Assume that someone else will call.  We urge everyone to report ANY suspicious activity.
The DHCA Board wants to thank everyone of you that spoke up, that raised a flag and made all of us aware of this situation.  Without that kind of involvement, progress - on any front - will always be much slower.
So let’s keep up the good work!  Let’s all Lock it!  Let’s all Speak up!
…and make our Dearborn Hills neighborhood better for everyone!

None listed at this time.

Important Dearborn Phone Numbers
Suspicious Activity...... 943-3030
Speeding..................... 943-2201/2019 
Provide direction of travel and car color/type/make
Neighborhood Services 943-2161
Residential Services      943-2150


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